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Dockfighters is a fun, thrilling and easy to learn, aerial combat game with intense strategic depth.

We take you back to the year 1948, where the Second World War never happened, but the world has fallen apart. It is the golden age of the Planes and Zeppelins. People found it much easier to travel by air than on earth through all these splintered territories.

Take command of your own squadron and fly experimental aircraft nobody has ever flown before – including tiny „Dockfighters“ which can be „docked“ on giant airships.

Your squadron also writes its own history, because every game influences its pilots and their aircraft. In that way, it becomes the base for the next mission!

Warning: You may feel physical pain when you lose your favorite ace pilot during combat.

Feel free like a bird in the sky in Dockfighters …

A bird with a lot of guns!

  • Epic Dieselpunk Miniatures based on real and experimental aircraft from period of 1948-1949 (Scale 1:200 played on a 45mm hex grid map).
  • Magnetized bases to track speed, altitude, and the pilot’s experience.
  • Asymmetric units including Dockfighters, fighters and fighter-bombers with various extra payloads like bombs and missiles.
  • Giant airships with magnetic attachable systems and weapons.
  • Build up your own squadron using fame gained in missions.
  • Includes a bot called Konrad which can take control of the enemy forces including aircraft. 

Assemble your Pilots and Aircraft.

Setup the scenario.

Place Aircraft.

Activate units according to the Pilot’s experience (first low then high).

Alter your speed before starting movement.

Move and rotate on breakpoints depending upon your Aircraft agility. This example shows Medium Agility movement with a turn after half movement and another at the end of the movement:

Change altitude and increase or decrease speed.

Fire your weapons (3 dice for heavy machineguns at short range).

Roll for damage (hit with 5+ to Damage).

Dockfighters is fully localized in US ENGLISH and GERMAN.

We also offer pledges with all miniatures painted by hand. Examples:

For pledges which include hand painting, pre-cut Aircraft propellers are also included. As these are too fragile to be pre-assembled for worldwide shipping they must be mounted with a drop of super glue after arrival.

All non-hand-painted pledges comes unpainted, in grey color.

It was our dream to realize this project for years.

Thank you for supporting and make this dream coming true!